Arsene Wenger Risking it All

Arsene Wenger Risking it All

Following Arsenal’s horrendous 3-1 loss to West Brom away, the pressure on Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger only seemed to multiply. This was a manager leading his team to three consecutive 5-1 defeats to Bayern Munich in the Champions League, and showed average performances against the other top sides of the Premier league, including Liverpool, Chelsea, and Manchester City.

Indeed, Wenger’s latest press conference has done nothing to assuage the growing negative atmosphere in the stadium; telling the press that he “has reached a decision.” In addition, Wenger stated he would announce when the time is right.

Wenger is playing a dangerous game, not just for himself but for Arsenal football club. If Wenger is staying, then the negativity and division between the fans may reach a boiling point. There’s also the fact that Wenger’s stock may have fallen. His disconnection with Alexis Sanchez, and his inability to manage Ozil effectively may indicate to top players around Europe that Wenger has lost touch. He has shown, despite having one of the strongest Arsenal teams in the last twenty hours, that he isn’t able to achieve a major trophy yet. And without Champions League football, the departure of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil may leave the club in an extended rut.

These next few weeks may prove vital for the future of Arsene Wenger and Arsenal. If he makes the wrong decision, he risks a long-term disconnect between fans and the club. If Arsenal don’t find themselves playing Champions League football and lose their best players, then Wenger at the helm may in fact harm the club’s ambition to ever strive for the top spot again.

Arsene Wenger manager of Arsenal during the Champions League match between Arsenal and Barcelona at The Emirates Stadium. Foto:


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